Our Custom Suit Process

Home and Office Visits

1. Contact us to set an appointment. We'll be happy to meet you at your home or even at your office.

Premium Suit Fabrics

2. We'll help you choose your suit pieces, fabrics, styles, patterns and more from our vast stock of high quality materials.

Fine Custom Suit Accessories

3. Sit back and let us design your own personal style. We can even include unique touches such as functional button holes and interior linings.

Custom Suit Measurements

4. We'll take 35 measurement overall to ensure that you custom clothing fits you properly from shoulder to heel.

Personal Fitting and Adjustments

5. When your finely tailored garment is ready, we'll help you set up a fitting and make any needed adjustments to ensure you'll look your best.

Bay Area Custom Clothing

Whether you're looking to upgrade your look and style around the workplace or around town, Bay Area Custom Clothing has you covered. With over 27 years of experience, we can provide you with the expertise to craft a wardrobe that communicates your message before you start talking. Don't travel all over town for a mediocre shopping experience. We will bring the mountain to the king, and we'll bring a sharp, professional appearance right to your doorstep.

Bay Area Custom Clothing Reveals The Color For 2017

Don't be caught in the wrong colors. Let Dub guide your wardrobe choices with a discussion on the "it" color for 2017.

50 Shades of Blue

Dub takes the opportunity to talk about current style trends and making a statement with color. Bay Area Custom Clothing wants to help you use your wardrobe to set you apart from the pack.

Breaking a Guinness World Record

Dub helps UP Social break a Guinness World Record for most interviews in a 24 hour period while talking men's custom suits and showing off his model Dr. Holt in a custom black suit.


Experience confidence in selecting your wardrobe.


Save time, and enjoy shopping in the convenience of your own home or office.


Offering Fine Italian and English fabrics. Select from Custom Made Suits, Sport Coats, Slacks, Shirts, Formal Wear, and Topcoats.


You may find yourself, like many of my clients, with incredible time constraints and a variety of business, social, and formal events that require you to look your best and project confidence. For the past 25 years, I've brought the Mountain to the King.

One's image is paramount in today's career successes; it shows where you're going. Everyone is looking for an edge, and one factor that you can directly control is your personal style. Let me guide you through all aspects of selecting your wardrobe as you pursue your career.

When you step into that meeting, courtroom, or conference, all eyes are on you. Your appearance begins to communicate who you are, before you even utter a word. Send the right message. Confidence in your appearance will be passed on to others who look to you for leadership. Remember, clothes do not only cover your back side, they reflect the image of a sharp dressed man.

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