Dub does a tremendous job. He learns your tastes, likes and dislikes, and comfort level with pricing options. Without being pushy, he applies his decades of experience to outfit you with very stylish clothes. I have received more compliments about his products then any other clothes line I have purchased. His prices are reasonable, and his delivery time is exceptional. Give him a try. He is worth it.
Christopher D
Dub has kept me in style for over 20 years. Always professional, on time, and prepared. Keeps me in style even though at first it may be out of my comfort zone. It is a regularly occurrence to get compliments on my attire. Over the last 20 years I have referred many clients to the quality, convenience and professional services of Dub. I look forward to many more years of having Dub keep me in quality, comfortable, stylish attire and would highly recommend him to anyone. THANKS DUB!!!
Les E
If you are looking for nice, tailored clothes with a great fit then The Dubster is your guy. He takes his time and allows you to find the right style you are looking for. Once the clothes come in he makes sure they look right on you and if they do not he will stay on it until they do. Great person to deal with and stands by his work!!
Brendan N
If you want to look good and feel good about yourself you shouldn't get your clothes any where else but Bay Area CC. Dub gives you personal attention to assure that everything is going to fit properly and that you walk away with a great experience. Have used his services for many, many years and will be doing so in the future.
Dub has been top notch to work with. I have the combination of NO fashion sense nor the time to go to the store to shop for clothes. Dub has solved those problems. He has learned what I like and has made recommendations that sometimes stretch those boundaries, AND he has to have the best service of any professional I have dealt with in a long time. He comes to my office prepared and on time with plenty of variety. Finally, the QUALITY of suits, shirts & ties has received regular praise from clients, associates & friends. I'd HIGHLY recommend for anyone.
Michael M
Initially I was hosting a big event with the governor of Texas and needed a custom shirt to compliment a new suit I purchased for the occasion. I looked online to see who was in my area and Dub came up. I liked the consultation and the time he took to make sure everything was right from the cut of the shirt to the material, the color and the fit. When the custom shirt came, it was perfect. I loved it so much that I bought 12 more shirts since then. So if your looking for custom clothes in the Houston area I would highly recommend Bay Area Custom Clothing.
Nolen D
My experience with Bay Area Custom Clothing was great! Dub worked with me, and showed me several different styles to make sure I had great looking suit. He came out to where I work, which really helped with my schedule. If you are interested in getting a custom made suit, I highly recommend Bay Area Custom Clothing.
Several years ago, I was lost when it came to nice clothing. I spent good money on nice clothes, but they never seemed to fit and my wardrobe ended up the same color. Then I met Dub. He walked me through the process and taught me how to dress, what colors to wear based on my skin and hair, and how the fit should be. I received more than clothes, I was given an education. To this day, I still get compliments on my clothes from Dub. I feel good when I wear his clothes, and I won't shop anywhere else. He has earned my business without a doubt.
Matt K
I wouldn't even consider shopping elsewhere. I've used Dub for 9 yrs now. I recommend without hesitation. Give it a try and you'll be very pleased.
Chris Reed
It's difficult for me to find clothes that fit because I'm a big guy. I found Dub 15 years ago and everything he has made for me has been perfect. I am a lifetime customer.
Phillip H
Look, as a tall and large man, it is impossible to find suits and clothes that fit. You are always settling for less than desirable results. I have had the pleasure of having Dub custom make all of my suits, dress slacks and shirts for close to 15 years. The selection, quality, delivery and personal service provided by Dub is what I was looking for. You will be satisfied with Dub as your clothier!!
Michael B
I was in need of a sport coat and several shirts that I could dress up with nice jeans and slacks for both social and business environments. Dub provided an incredible selection of material that I could choose from. With his detailed attention to proper measurements to a delivery time that exceeded my expectations, I have continued to refer my closest friends and business associates to Dub for not only fine clothes, but also golf attire.
Sandy C
I have used Dub's services for over twenty years. He has always been a valued advisor and demonstrated superior knowledge about the industry. His service and products are the best I have encountered!
Thomas Fountain
Dub's personal style and dedication to service is beyond reproach! I have dealt with Dub for many years and have found the quality of clothing perfect! I highly recommend Dub's services!
Richard Lopez